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It's not black and white

This is less about cybersecurity and more about diversity & inclusion. I think this is a great step forward by the UK's NCSC ... maybe its a small step but lots of small steps lead to progress.

From the UK's National Cyber Security Centre: It's fairly common to say whitelisting and blacklisting to describe desirable and undesirable things in cyber security. For instance, when talking about which applications you will allow or deny on your corporate network; or deciding which bad passwords you want your users not to be able to use. However, there's an issue with the terminology. It only makes sense if you equate white with 'good, permitted, safe' and black with 'bad, dangerous, forbidden'. There are some obvious problems with this. So in the name of helping to stamp out racism in cyber security, we will avoid this casually pejorative wording on our website in the future. No, it's not the biggest issue in the world - but to borrow a slogan from elsewhere: every little helps.


inclusion, diversity, cybersecurity