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Delaying preparation for claims is simply delaying the inevitable

It is hardly surprising that many businesses are conserving cash and focusing on the immediate problems associated with Covid-19 and the lockdown, but they need to be careful to ensure that a short term approach doesn't mean they are storing up problems for the future.

What they need to do is to prepare the groundwork for the inevitable deluge of claims. These may be both inward and outward bound.  When the claims start to hit they will take up an inordinate amount of time and be a huge distraction - that is likely to be at a time when the business really needs to be focused on its commercial activities.  So the right time to start doing the groundwork and preparing the factual background, is now.

Litigators, barristers and litigation funders are primed for a deluge of claims in the pandemic’s aftermath. However, in the short term, the number of claims has decreased substantially decreased month on month. According to the data, 556 new claims were filed in the Commercial and Chancery Court in January, yet only 96 claims were filed in April, an 83 per cent plunge.


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