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Working from home or sleeping in the office?

I subscribe to the 'digital acceleration' theory, that we have fast-forwarded digital change and as a result, we are facing both the good and bad aspects of rapid technology and behavioural change all at once. Employers can help their staff adjust and keep the good parts by encouraging an open dialogue about how our lives are changing and what we like and don't like.

Neil Greenberg, a professor of mental health specialising in the military at King’s College London, jokes that technology has transformed remote working lives to the point that “people are now questioning whether they are working from home or sleeping in the office”. “Coronavirus has brought forward two years of technological change in two weeks,” he says. “From a mental health viewpoint, what hasn’t worked is understanding how to use it properly. We’ve got used to the technology; now we have to adapt to psychologically sound ways of working.”


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