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Tapping into WeChat for evidence

Anyone who has travelled to China understands the ubiquity of WeChat, which is an inseparable part of Chinese society and commerce like no app in the Western world. 

As an aid to complex investigations, accessing WeChat can unlock a wealth of data as users play out virtually all aspects of their lives through the platform. The richness of data available would enable highly detailed analysis and, applied correctly, is a game changing element in most investigations.

It will, however, require a highly tailored approach. Even the best known forensic tools may not produce the desired results. 

Its prevalence among Chinese users, with more than 1 billion people using it daily, means the challenge of getting your hands on the phone is only the tip of the iceberg; unlocking the data for e-discovery is something else entirely.

WeChat data can be critical for many U.S. and international matters where activities with customers, suppliers, subsidiaries, or employees in China are under investigation. However, despite the potential treasure trove contained on the platform, getting access often ranges from tricky to impossible.


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