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Cyber risk 'has exploded'

You heard it here first. The NSA's former head agrees with our view that the 'attack surface' has become massively larger since people shifted to mass remote working ... in other words, the number of access points for cyber criminals to attempt to gain unauthorised access has grown hugely. And perhaps more importantly now, many large complex businesses (like banks) have publicly stated that they do not expect to go back to working in the office the way they used to, pre-COVID. The new normal, as a more flexible, hybrid way of working, will make it easier for cyber criminals ... so we need to re-double efforts to make it harder for them, with stronger authentication of legitimate users, better training for staff, more effective encryption of data, and many other techniques.

The former head of the US National Security Agency has warned that the coronavirus pandemic has significantly increased cyber risk, with companies likely to face a growing number of attacks. Michael Rogers said “the attack surface has just exploded” because so many people are working from home rather than in offices, which have better cyber protection.


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