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The turkey insurance or the immense potential of creativity in retail

I recently came across this interesting article from USA today about an unusual partnership between an insurer (Progressive) and a grocery operator (Whole Foods).

Shouldn't we all subscribe a turkey insurance plan for this special holiday period?

In my reconfigured family, holiday lunch and dinner plans are usually hectic: how to simultaneously please the elderly who don't get along, the kids and our own wishes over a couple of key dates is usually difficult. 

2020 with the pandemic and related health and regulation risks are not helping... I hope that we will find ways to still please everybody or hope for forgiveness, or now: call our insurance to find a remedy...

Closing stores are all over the news, but retail still has huge opportunities for cost savings and creativity.

Insuring a turkey seems odd, but why not? At the growing rate of GAFA advertising costs, grocery operators are fighting for online visibility: a great advertising opportunity at a limited cost is always welcome!

Whole Foods Market and Progressive Insurance have teamed up to create a turkey "insurance plan" ahead of Thanksgiving.


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