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Representation in dispute resolution is on the up, but there’s still work to do

Just over a year ago I wrote about the need for better representation in dispute resolution. I believe that there are considerable advantages to having a broad range of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences in dispute resolution leads to better outcomes. I am encouraged by this article in the Global Arbitration Review which reports that female representation on International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes tribunals has more than doubled over the previous year.

With commercial claims and disputes still percolating in the background of the ongoing, fluctuating pandemic, there is still more to do to ensure we deploy diversity effectively to help counterattack and reset after the last 18 months of disruption.

And, even as the impact of the pandemic starts to wane, there is still much disruption for businesses to navigate and this is likely to generate no small amount of disputes.

The excellent work done by organisations such as Equal Representation in Arbitration among others, has shown the appetite is there. If ICSID is indicative of action resulting from this then improved representation and parity may not be too far away. I hope!

ICSID registered a record 70 new cases in the last financial year, while the ratio of women appointed to tribunals and other panels more than doubled.


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