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Experience matters – putting customers ahead of profits

An interesting report from Bloomberg into Amazon’s Herculean shipping endeavours this holiday season.

The e-commerce giant has always placed customer obsession at the centre of its strategy and it seems little has changed as, if reports are accurate, the business is prepared to sacrifice profits to ensure customers get what they want this year. Longer term the loyalty dividend and reputation for 'reliability-no-matter' what will fit nicely alongside the increasingly frictionless experience Amazon clearly aims to offer.

It's an important lesson for retailers everywhere. And, while many may not share Amazon’s deep pockets, the underlying principle remains true. In the age of the self-centric consumer an inability – or even a slight delay – in fulfilling a consumer’s demands could be the difference between success and failure. This is even more heightened during the holiday season.

The rise and rise of omnichannel retailing is critical but an absolute commitment to fulfilment is where the consumers will ultimately be won and lost.

Amid shipping snarls and record consumer spending, the company is prepared to sacrifice profit to get products to customers on time.


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