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| 1 minute read

Consumer Products Corner – Consumer Pulse: Will consumers remain resilient?

Key indicators show that U.S. consumers have been remarkably resilient over the last year, even as they confront the triple-threats of the pandemic, inflation, and potential recession. Out-of-home dining and e-commerce outpaced other sectors, while consumers struggle with elevated grocery prices. Strong headwinds remain, with core consumer prices continuing to climb, up 5.6% from a year ago. With an additional rate hike expected from the Fed in May, Consumer Products companies need to be prepared for anything as we move further into 2023. Will their consumers remain resilient?

YOY retail trade growth holds firm at 8% for fourth consecutive quarter 

Consumer sentiment continues to recover, with the first positive YOY climb since Q2 2021

YOY income growth outpaces increase in debt for the first time in two years

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